Statement of Faith

Fair Haven Baptist Church is conservative in theology, worshipful......, and evangelistic in practice. We believe in: 

1) The verbal inspiration of the Bible without error,

2) The Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; three persons in one essance in the unity of the Godhead,

3) The creation of man by the direct act of God and his subsequent fall as revealed in the Genesis account,

4) The Virgin Birth, Deity, death on the cross, Resurrection on the third day, ascension into heaven, the pre-trib rapture of the church, and the personal, visible and premillennial return of Christ in power and great glory, 

5) The power of Christ to save men from the penalty of sin by grace through faith in His shed blood through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit,

6) The sanctification of the child of God by the Holy Spirit through the Word,

7) We believe that Heaven and Hell are real places where everyone will eventually spend eternity.  The Good News is that Jesus offers Heaven to all of us if we accept the free gift of Salvation by believing in Him.